Being Mindful has a range of programs to suit every school

Our programs contain 4 elements 

Attention Training

Developing skills for focusing attention, increasing concentration and enhancing executive functioning of the brain.

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Building the skills of empathy, compassion, kindness and gratitude as a foundation for happiness and wellbeing and resilience.


Emotional Intelligence

Building emotional fitness helps us to understand and manage our emotions. Learning to respond rather than react not only helps us to skillfully navigate the ups and downs of life but helps us to create and maintain meaningful relationships.


mindfulness of Thoughts

Reducing stress and anxiety and creating more positive mindsets. Increase optimism and start to program your mind for happiness.

Mindfulness Programs

We introduce children and young people to the fundamental concepts and practices of mindfulness and heartfulness. Integrating mindfulness activities, mindful movement and breathing techniques with gratitude and empathy and emotional intelligence activities.

We are trained to teach the Mindfulness in Schools Project programs -  paws b (paws be for primary school aged children) and .b (dot be for secondary school aged students). 


Yoga Programs

Yoga for Wellbeing

Using the body to focus and calm the mind, yoga supports kids to balance and productively channel energy. By developing mindful awareness through movement, they build physical fitness whilst also improving emotional resilience and mental wellbeing. 

Teachers are constantly surprised at how responsive their students are to our yoga programs, we, however, are not! We understand how yoga can directly impact a students nervous system as well as the other systems of the body. Students enjoy connecting to their bodily experiences - "getting out of their heads and into their bodies",  challenging themselves in a safe supportive, non-competitive environment, and taking time out to learn how to settle and calm their bodies and minds. We find children and teens respond very positively to the opportunities to reflect on their emotional experiences and learn about how mindfulness can help them to feel happier, more positive and negotiate the ups and downs of life. 

Yoga for Sport

Intelligently created programs incorporating the latest in sports science regarding strengthening, stretching and stabilising muscles and joints of growing bodies. Combined with Mindfulness for sport to reduce anxiety and improve focus. 

Yoga is a mindfulness based activity using the body as a means to focus the mind, children in particular find this body awareness a very accessible way to anchor their minds in the present moment

Synchronizing the breath with movement helps to balance energy and focus the mind, activating the parasympathetic nervous system, students become calm but alert. As the students become familiar with the movements and the way of breathing we find that the whole class is better able to balance their energy.

We understand that it can be challenge to fit a mindfulness program into an already busy timetable but mindfulness can help your students learn more and can save time through increased attention and emotional regulation.

I feel like for a moment the world stopped, and when it started again everything just felt better
— Year 6 student, Firbank Grammar School