Mindfulness for Teachers

Reduce stress, enhance classroom climate.

1.  Being mindful teachers - PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT

integrate mindful practices in the classroom

Strengthen the results of our mindfulness and yoga programs and create lasting benefits by skilling up your teachers in calming and focusing practices that can be implemented daily in the classroom.

We offer simple tools that:

Settle energy

Prepare body and mind for learning

Offer constructive brain breaks

Energize and refocus

Create calm and supportive learning environments

Increase sense of wellbeing and day-to-day enjoyment for students and staff


Our unique model of teacher training reduces time outside of the classroom and supports teachers to feel confident delivering ready-to-use activities.


In our training teachers will

  • Learn alongside the students in the classroom
  • Receive support materials to integrate practices into the day
  • Be fully supported by the Being Mindful team

Studies have shown that combining programs for teachers with student programs leads to even stronger improvements in the classroom environment


The many demands on a teacher can make a classroom a stressful environment; keeping track of many children doing different things at the same time, relaying content in the allotted time, plus dealing with the emotional states of the children and their relationships with each other.

This is where mindfulness can help by reducing feelings of anxiety, frustration and overwhelm, becoming less reactionary and more responsive to students needs and by preventing burnout.

Mindfulness for teachers personal development

A 6 week Mindfulness Meditation course to set you up on your own mindfulness journey. Build emotional resilience, find greater clarity, calm and sense of wellbeing through mindfulness.

Run a course at your school or find out when a meditation course is being run in your area.

Everything you shared with us made so much sense. It was practical and very enjoyable. Every school should have to do this
— Teacher, Sandringham Primary School