Being Mindful Primary Schools

Channel energy productively, reduce anxiety, create relaxed happy classrooms

The fast pace of modern life is increasingly resulting in children becoming overstimulated, struggling to focus, and suffering from anxiety.

Being Mindful Primary Schools


Our program includes:

  • learning about our amazing brain, the amygdala's role in our flight or fight "stress" response and the role of the prefrontal cortex in understanding and managing our emotions
  • learning to focus and hold our attention
  • resourcing ourselves with simple breathing practices that help us to find the still, quiet place within and how this enables us to recognise choice points and make good decisions 
  • developing an attitude of kindness and curiosity towards our experiences
  • becoming aware of thoughts and how thoughts affect our emotions which in turn affect how we act
  • learning how we can use mindful practices to deal with stress and anxiety
  • becoming our own best friend, understanding negative self talk
  • understanding how our brains evolved for survival and not for happiness and how we can savour positive experiences to develop a happier brain
  • learning how kindness and gratitude help to nurture happiness and resilience.

"Children are told to pay attention but not taught how. Mindfulness builds the neural pathways of focus and concentration"

Do you want to offer a Mindfulness program more than once to your students? Great! We have additional programs where we further explore Mindfulness concepts and practices, learn how to create our happiest life through positive psychology and provide classroom activities that channel energy.


Delivered in the classroom by a trained Mindfulness consultant.

Contact us to find out more about our Being Mindful Leaders leadership program.

Want to combine Mindfulness & Yoga?

Many schools recognise the need for the children to move their bodies and take some time out to relax. We are often asked to combine our Mindfulness programs with Yoga, we love to do this! 

Contact us for more details.

Yoga Programs

Yoga improves the mind/body connection, promotes an overall sense of wellbeing, balances energy and has numerous benefits for body, mind & spirit. We offer two yoga programs:

Yoga for Wellbeing

A comprehensive mind, body and emotional health and well-being program. 

We include mindfulness of thoughts and feelings, and the components of heartfulness - gratitude, kindness and empathy, building emotional intelligence and resilience.

Physically we gradually build the students strength, stability and flexibility, supporting them to challenge themselves through developing greater body awareness and confidence. We introduce breathing techniques that help to balance energy levels, meditation and relaxation.

Our programs are fully adaptable to meet the needs of your school.


Peak Performance Yoga for Sport

Using the latest research in yoga for sports our programs are intelligently crafted to systemically work through the entire body:

Building strength, flexibility, body awareness, co-ordination and balance.

We tie in Mindfulness for sports, using mindfulness techniques that many professional athletes are now using.

Offering yoga within the Sports/PE curriculum not only adds variety to your timetable but also helps to improve the strength, flexibility, body awareness, co-ordination and balance of your students. Helping to prevent sporting injuries and support growing bodies. As well as physical activities our programs include mindfulness, breathing techniques, meditation and relaxation and are fun, engaging and age-appropriate.

[Our students] are engaged mentally and physically for 2 hours at a time developing their core body strength, being mindful of each other and going within themselves to find relaxation strategies to use both in and out of the classroom. [Being mindful] gives our students techniques to use in everyday life and a smile to go home with, Thank you for nurturing our kids.
— Kirsty Hall , PE Coordinator, Beaumaris North Primary School