Our Programs

We offer programs for kids, teens, schools, teachers and parents as well as community Learn to Meditate Programs.

Kids Yoga After School Program

Kids Yoga After School Program

Being mindful kids

We offer after school Yoga & Mindfulness classes. Tuesdays 4.15-5.15pm for ages 6-12. 

This is a 6-week term time program that is  fun, creative, engaging and meaningful.

Term 2 starts 23rd July

Classes run at Sanctuary Yoga, Beaumaris, VIC www.sanctuarybeaumaris.com.au 

Mindfulness & Wellbeing Program

Mindfulness & Wellbeing Program

Being Mindful teens

This 6-week Yoga & Mindfulness program, starting 22nd July, is designed to:

·       Promote resilience, build confidence and self-esteem;

·       Improve coping skills to manage stress and anxiety;

·       And promote wellbeing, empowering teens to reach their full potential.

Mindfulness for Parents and teachers

Mindfulness for Parents and teachers

being mindful parents / teachers

6 week Mindfulness for Parents program. Suitable for teachers too!

You'll learn simple and effective mindfulness strategies to promote a greater sense of calm, focus and happiness.

Starting 24th July 2019

Transform your classroom with mindful practices

Our mindfulness-based social and emotional learning programs:


  • Increase engagement, strengthen focus, develop social emotional skills and give children a foundation of resilience to face everyday challenges.

  • Decrease teacher stress and create happier, calmer more enjoyable teaching and learning environments.

  • Decrease anxiety, improve mental health and wellbeing through scientifically proven methods of Yoga, Mindfulness and Positive Psychology.  


Being Mindful Schools



At Being Mindful we understand the extra challenges teachers and students face today. 

We have a range of programs to suit your school

Our programs grow and develop with the children and can be adapted to fit the needs of your school.


Mindfulness, Yoga & Meditation for Primary Schools

Mindfulness, Yoga & Meditation for Primary Schools

Being Mindful Primary Schools

Transform classrooms for calmer students who are ready to learn

Ready the body and mind for learning,  build emotional intelligence & resilience, learn to focus attention and organise energy.

We have Mindfulness programs and Yoga programs that can fit with your needs and requirements. 

Our Yoga and Moving Meditation programs are always well received by primary school students and teachers! 

All activities and concepts are delivered in a fun, engaging, and meaningful way.

We are trained paws b (paws be) teachers. Paws b (designed by the Mindfulness in Schools Project) is the leading, evidence-based, rigorously researched mindfulness program for primary school children in the UK.

Mindfulness, yoga & meditation for secondary schools

Mindfulness, yoga & meditation for secondary schools

Being Mindful Secondary Schools

increase student focus, emotional intelligence and reduce stress

Informed by the latest research in neuroscience and the changing adolescent brain, our programs are developed to support young people to meet the challenges facing them today.

Our programs invite self inquiry and reflection and cover stress management; developing a positive mindset to safe guard mental health; promoting emotional fitness; mindful relationships; mindfulness and social media.

We are trained .b (dot be) teachers. .b (designed by the Mindfulness in Schools Project) is the leading, evidence-based, rigorously researched mindfulness program for teenagers in the UK.



Mindfulness for Teachers

Mindfulness for Teachers

Being Mindful Teachers

Professional Development & Personal Development programs

Refocus and redirect energy within seconds! Simple and effective activities for the classroom to promote mindfulness, and create a calm but alert energy and a more harmonious environment.

We offer schools a framework to effectively integrate Mindfulness into your classroom with our simple and effective strategies, developed with teachers and educational professionals.


Develop your own Mindfulness practice to reduce stress, increase empathy, improve relationships and your own health and wellbeing.


Being Mindful Leaders

Creating mindfulness leaders within the school

Embedding mindfulness within the school is when schools really see the benefits in their students and within the whole school community.

Being Mindful Kids Leaders - we work within the schools current leadership programs to train and support Mindfulness Leaders.

Being Mindful Teachers Leaders - we train and support interested staff members to develop their own practice and become Mindfulness Leaders within the school community.

Yoga & Mindfulness for Wellbeing & Sports programs

Yoga & Mindfulness for Wellbeing & Sports programs

Yoga for Wellbeing & Sport


We offer 2 highly regarded and well evaluated yoga programs for Primary and Secondary Schools.

Yoga for WellBeing  enhance physical, mental, social and emotional health. 

Yoga for Sport - enhance your sports program with our specifically designed yoga and mindfulness courses.


Free info session


To learn more about how our programs enhance existing Social & Emotional Learning programs, benefit students, teachers and the whole school community, and to experience some Mindfulness techniques book a FREE no obligation 30 minute Info session today.


Why Choose Being Mindful?

With 5 years experience of teaching Yoga & Mindfulness in schools and having taught hundreds of children and young people, we have seen how these programs positively impact young people's lives and their mental health and well-being. This continues to inspire and motivate us to offer the highest quality, evidence based programs.  We have been trained by, and continue our professional development, with leaders in the field so that you can rest assured the programs in your school are of the highest quality, have been fully evaluated and are driven by the latest research. 

We have been trained by Dr Craig Hassed (Mindfulness leader in Australia), Mindfulness in Schools Project (The leading Mindfulness in Education organisation in the UK) & Mindful Schools (The leading Mindfulness in Education organisation in the USA) amongst others renowned in their field of Mindfulness, Yoga, Meditation and Positive Psychology.

Our programs can enhance existing Resilience, Meditation, Emotional Intelligence and Movement based programs in your school by using our tried and tested, teacher and student evaluated programs that can also be tailored to your needs. With our unique Teacher Training model, offering teachers a practical framework for integrating Mindfulness, Mindful Moments and Calming and Focusing activities into the classroom all learning styles are catered for and the whole school community can benefit.

We offer personalised Mindfulness solutions for your school so that you and your teachers feel fully supported.

We’re about ……

"Happy healthy kids that feel good in their bodies, good in their minds and feel good about themselves."


You were so informative! You really understand our school and how we can integrate Mindfulness into our classrooms. Thank you for giving me energy for the beginning of the school year!
— Teacher, Sandringham Primary School

We're located in Bayside, Melbourne

Being Mindful is based in Melbourne and works closely with many schools in the Bayside area.

Call us on 0434 268 679 to discuss your questions or needs.

"Mindfulness is paying attention to the here and now, with kindness & curiosity, so that we can choose our behaviour .” 

– Dr Amy Saltman

Essentially mindfulness involves directing our attention to our present moment experience with open-minded curiosity. This enables us to respond more skilfully to the events of life as they arise in the moment.

Why Mindfulness in Schools?

Increase focus, concentration and enhance emotional regulation

Research demonstrates that mindfulness training improves health and wellbeing, and helps people of all ages learn more effectively, think more clearly, perform better, feel calmer and less anxious and supports the development of resilience.

Mindfulness gives us the opportunity to pause and approach stressful situations in a calm thoughtful way.


Why Yoga and Moving Meditation in Schools?

Preparing bodies and minds for learning

Physical activity stimulates the brain keeping it functioning at an optimal level. Using the body to focus the mind helps to harness kids' energy, balances the nervous system and results in children that are alert but calm, essential for effective learning. Yoga can benefit all children, especially those who find it hard to regulate their emotions and focus their energy.

Our Yoga within sports programs are intelligently sequenced and underpinned by a thorough understanding of anatomy. We systemically build strength and flexibility throughout the whole body whilst also improving spatial awareness, coordination, balance and focus.